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Friday, March 15, 2013

Life Update

Placement is going extremely well, I've meet so many amazing people and I am truly loving my time at GROW. My summer plans are shaping together nicely, at the moment they are to continue volunteering in GROW until the end of June and then to volunteer in a summer camp run specifically for children with disabilities, then August consists of my 21st and then the big move to Holland for 4 months. 

It hit me today how freaking scared I am about going to Holland, I know I'm going with my friend and it will be amazing but oh god I am terrified!! 

My blog has been going terrible I realise, as much as I hate to admit it I am not a blog person, it just isn't be I am too tired and not nearly dedicated enough! Plus I'm useless at all the editing business so my blog just looks so bland compared to everyone elses. 

Its St. Patricks weekend as you all know, I'm heading to Cork tomorrow to my boyfriends and I'm sure we'll head out on Sunday, are any of you doing anything unusual? I usually find Paddys day crap, there's this unrealistic expectation that it is going to be great night, rarely works out like that for me. I'm quite scared about going to my boyfriend its the first time I'll be there without back up from my other friends and anyway it is only my second time being there! So wish me luck, I'm pretty useless at all this family business anyway.