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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


I have always for as long as I can remember been a nervous person. Up until recently I didn't understand that  actually the level of this nervous-ness or anxiety wasn't quiet normal ( we aren't meant to say normal, but you know). Since starting my placement, I've working with people with anxiety disorders and those who suffer panic attacks. I think now that feeling that has always been in the background of my life is low level anxiety. I'm learning breathing techniques and other skills to reduce and help me with my sleeping, or lack of it. Obviously it isn't a major problem, and it doesn't cripple me the way it can for other people but it is nice to know I don't always have to feel worried about something.

Placement is going great, I  wrote a big post on it but some how it got deleted and a mixture of being busy and lazy meant I never rewrote it. So basically it is going good, I'm getting a lot of experience and a huge insight into the lives of those who are affected my mental health problems.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

So this is the done thing...

Twenty facts about me

So I've seen quite a few people doing this so I thought I'd give it a go.

  1.  Although I was dreading turning twenty last August, at the moment I'm feeling really excited for my next birthday. Maybe it is because I'm turning twenty-one, or because I'm generally happier this year or because I get to have a big party!! Probably a combination of them all. 
  2. At the moment I'm obsessed with Paloma Faith. At the minute I'm listening to this
  3. I think, at last, I am finally beginning to grow up. I'm becoming more confident, I'm happy living away from home, and I think I may be starting to grow out of my home-town. 
  4. I've suffered with depression in the past. 
  5. I'm in a pretty new relationship, in which I live with my boyfriend. 
  6. I just starting placement in GROW a mental health organisation. 
  7. I'm stone broke at the moment, waiting for my is torture   
  8. I'm going to Holland in September, Tilburg to be exact, for four months. Anyone ever been? Advice?
  9. I am a jealous person. I hate this about myself and I'm constantly trying to keep it in check.
  10. I don't like tattoos. 
  11. I love piercings- I have my ears done twice,my nose and my bellybutton. 
  12. I suffer from eczema and its been particularly bad for the last couple of months. 
  13. If I ended up dying alone with cats, I think I would be happy.
  14. I'm a completely book worm! I always welcome suggestions so if any of you are reading anything good at the moment let me know!
  15. I wear glasses. Although I often forget to bring them to the places I need them the most
  16. My favourite clothes shop is Urban Outfitters.
  17. I really only got over the fact I didn't do as well as I wanted in my Leaving Cert (Irish A levels) in the last couple of months. 
  18. I pretty much hated college for the first four months.
  19. I can be over critical at times, some times I feel like I'm always saying the negative thing. 
  20. I'm pretty crap at blogging.