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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How about 2016?

I never would have thought that my life would be planned out three summers in advance. Talking with friends about our plans for the future and travel has made be realise it isn't going to be as easy as I first anticipated to travel with my friends. There is; every ones compulsory placements, eligibility for visas, volunteering needs and every ones personal preferences to keep in mind when planning all this. Before you think that I'm being unrealistic wanting to spend each summer with my school friends, and that I need to grow up sometime, I'm not, all we really want is one good summer together before the shit hits the fan and we have to pretend like we are real adults.

This summer 

I'll be on placement until June 28th, this obviously rules out any major travelling and possible even a holiday. Usually I'm the type of person who immediately sulks at the prospect of not getting a holiday during the year, but I think its about time to grow up and realise that I can't have everything. If I don't get to see the sun this year I won't be too upset since come September I'll be heading to Holland for 3/4 months, and who can complain about that?  

Since placement is only twenty hours a week, I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands. The plans are to get a job so I can stop wasting my time coming home every weekend for forty quid, in my current job, when it costs me that much to get home.  I've handed out my CV but so far nothing! If I get a job, I'll stay in Limerick until August, come home have my 21st and then pack my bags for Holland! 

Tilburg, Holland- where I''ll be spending 3/4 months. 

Summer 2014

I had planned on going on my J1 ( work and travel visa for the US) but my friends are tided up with placements and I don't fancy going on my own to much, plus its a thing we always said we would do together. So with this in mind, I'm going to try and volunteer for most of the summer. I need so much volunteering to have a chance at gaining entry to a clinical psychology PHD. Hopefully I'll be able to get some paid work as well but at the moment if I could spend the summer volunteering for ISPCC and for NIID, along with my placement this year in Grow my CV should be looking good. Two or three of my friends will be abroad on placements so I should get some short breaks away in. 

Summer 2015

This will be the summer after my final year in university, as it stands the plan is a J1. Where, who with and doing what, is all undecided but I'm sure it will be unforgettable  New York and San Fran are my ideal choices but I haven't looked into it to much.I would love to travel around and see a lot of the huge country, but who knows, it all depends on jobs and money (then again doesn't everything).  If any of you have experience of travel the states, or of living in NY or San Fran or of J1s in generally, I'd love to hear what you have to say. 

Since after the summer of 2015 I have to start thinking about post grads and real life jobs and the whole being an 'adult' who knows if I'll have time for all the other things I'd love to do like; inter railing through Europe, back packing around Asia, Australia for a year, the WIP Program, Island hopping in Greece and countless other things I've dreamt about. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here we go....again

The amount of times I've sat down and said to my self ' I'll start a blog' I usually get as far as one or two posts. However,  this time its for real, or least I hope so. So why now? Well I'm currently enduring the most boring week of my life, I also won't be back at university until September as I'm on placement and I want to try and maintain my writing at a reasonable standard and mainly because I like you people in the social media world much more than most of the people I encounter each day.

I don't want to fill this Blog with mindless ramblings, that's what my twitter and tumblr are for. If you are interested in the crap I come up with on a daily basis then follow them as well! This blog hopefully will have slightly more substance, I plan to write once a week or that and try and keep it some-what interesting.

Feel free to leave comments or pop me a email at any time. I'm always grateful for correspondence.