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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Here we go....again

The amount of times I've sat down and said to my self ' I'll start a blog' I usually get as far as one or two posts. However,  this time its for real, or least I hope so. So why now? Well I'm currently enduring the most boring week of my life, I also won't be back at university until September as I'm on placement and I want to try and maintain my writing at a reasonable standard and mainly because I like you people in the social media world much more than most of the people I encounter each day.

I don't want to fill this Blog with mindless ramblings, that's what my twitter and tumblr are for. If you are interested in the crap I come up with on a daily basis then follow them as well! This blog hopefully will have slightly more substance, I plan to write once a week or that and try and keep it some-what interesting.

Feel free to leave comments or pop me a email at any time. I'm always grateful for correspondence.

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