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Monday, April 15, 2013

Relationships and Erasmus?

My degree has a compulsory Erasmus/study abroad programme. Which was great and exciting until I had to start making real life decisions about it. I'm in a fairly new relationship and I need to decide whether I'm willing to the whole long distance thing.

You might think why am I making this decision so early when I'm not leaving until August. Well its simple there is no way in hell I am getting on a plane and moving life to Holland fresh from a break up with no support system around me. So this week I had that talk with my boyfriend.

I've decided I am willing to give it go but my boyfriend asked that I really think about so I'm sure I am making the right decisions so here it goes;

There are certainly pros to be single, not having to worrying about texting or skyping, the prospect of holiday romances, the feeling that anything can happen, and really total freedom. While all this sounds great there are few questions I have to ask myself.

Do I love my boyfriend? Yes
Do I want to break up? No
Will I be tempted to cheat? No
Is it going to be easy? No
Will it be worth it? I sure hope so.

For me they were the only questions I needed to answer. Believe me I am under no illusions that going to Holland single would be a a lot easier but just because its easier doesn't mean its right.

I have no idea if I'm making the right decision? I have no idea if we will even last until August. But for now I am going to be doing the long distance relationship starting in August. So wish me luck.

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